Since 1993

Cannon Cain for 431st District Judge

Since I started practicing law I aspired to run for judge. My life has been one of service and I humbly ask for your vote for judge of the 431st District Court.

Cases and Issues in Denton County District Courts:

  • Public Safety and Enforcement of Laws
  • Protection of Families and Children
  • Land and Title Issues
  • Election Contests and Resolutions
  • Civil Lawsuits for Money Damages

I am a long-time Denton County resident and a proud father. You may have seen my son and I tossing candy from floats representing the Denton County Republican Party in local parades!

Growing up watching and learning from successful parents, I learned that living to serve others is the finest way we can give back to our communities, and to ourselves.

Cannon Cain for 431st District Judge

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